Replica Rolex produces some truly special editions of their best pieces

Like almost all luxury watch makers, Fake Rolex never launched a special edition.
However, Rolex has produced some of their best creations in truly special editions in very small quantities. The biggest difference between them and their competitors is that special editions of fake Rolexes don’t appear in their catalogs, so not many people know about them.
Rolex prides itself on its racing chronographs, as evidenced by the number of changes it has made over the years. The standard portfolio now features over 40 different models, which, while not comparable to the Datejust or Day-Date, is still far more than anything else in the professional range. The next largest collection in stock is the Yacht Prestige Collection, with just 17, including the original and updated Yacht Prestige II.
We could write an entire article about Daytonas outside of the table of contents alone. It is one of the most frequently chosen watches for customization and is no stranger to some bling. While the gold option has been available on nearly all models since its debut in 1963, the diamond-set bezel first appeared in the early 1980s, when it was still not as performant as the first generation.

Replica Rolex

However, few of these gem-set models are as popular as the so-called Rainbow Daytona, which is unusual for a watch that has never been in the official lineup and is fairly well-known.
The time, skill and expense required to precisely find the correct sapphire color to achieve this effect cannot be overemphasized. Not only is the match between the bezel and hour-marker gems perfect, but the tone gradient of a sapphire surrounding it is completely unmistakable.
You might think the only difference between this watch and this one is the inclusion of carefully selected gems from the brand. There are many gems to catch the eye. The fully functional unidirectional bezel features 36 dark blue baguette sapphires, with the first 9 slightly lighter, serving as the 15-minute markers on the Sub traditional chronograph scale.
However, as striking as these ice cubes are, that’s not the only thing that sets it apart from standard watches. The watch has two dials; either a full diamond pavé dial with eight sapphire indexes or a beautiful dark blue dial with a sunburst pattern. Both include the Cyclops lens on the date window, but are otherwise omitted. Both variants do not include a depth rating of 300 meters, and the diamond-set models do not have the words “Officially Certified Top Chronometer”.
However, both models revolve around a standard 40mm Oyster case and triple-lock crown and an internal Cal. 3135, which is a bit of a read.
Both of these stunning creations are made from the same Cal. 3186, they can technically be used as true dual time zone watches. However, since any bezel numbers are lost in a sea of ​​gems, this is impossible.
Of course, that’s not the point. All of these cheap watches, along with the plethora of others created over the years, represent the ultimate replica Rolex collection. They are designed for those who only the best are good enough and have bank balances comparable to smaller countries.
For the rest of us, whether or not this level of jewellery is to our taste, it is at least impossible not to admire the dedication, expertise and audacity of the Rolex gemologists and the timepieces they produce.


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