Serial number on Rolex stand for

The first number shows the Rolex model or which series it belongs to. For example, a luxurious obsidian model often worn by the rich and famous in movies would start with 182. The first part determines the overall length of the reference number. Early watches used only two digits to describe model, size, and movement type, resulting in a four-digit reference number. Recently, the first part of the reference number has been extended to four digits, making the total length of the reference number six digits.
For over a decade (since 2009), replica Rolex serial numbers have been generated entirely at random. While a Rolex dealer can tell from the serial number what year your watch was made, owners can no longer tell from the serial number alone.
The idea that serial numbers are unique identifiers has an interesting historical exception. In 1954, fake Rolex ran out of serial numbers! Before that, the watch calculates the serial number (watch with serial number 7500, then watch with 750001). When it reaches 999999, it starts counting again from 010000. For this reason, two old Rolex watches may have the same serial number.

In addition to the two numbers on the surface of the replica Rolex watch, there is a code on the back of the clasp, called the clasp code or the bracelet code. Indicates the year and month we created the clip. It’s not uncommon for the clasp to have a different year than the watch, so don’t worry if you find this out. However, if the clip is replaced, it will affect the value of the watch, so keep that in mind.
The serial number is located on the inner ring under the glass/crystal at 6 o’clock. The reference number is outside the box at midnight. Both are listed on the Rolex “paper” (paper or plastic). Reference numbers are based on watch model, material, bezel type, and possibly other information. For example, a look with a reference number starting with 140 is a Rolex Submariner.
Every Rolex is a unique treasure, and the serial number is the only identification. It doesn’t tell you anything in particular, although with older watches the serial number might tell you the year of manufacture.


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