Starting a collection of vintage Rolex watches

Starting a collection of vintage Rolex watches can be intimidating. When you start, your eyes will be on those awesome big bucks that you hope to have someday. You dream of scooping one up at a home auction and buying it on the cheap, or making a big investment in the likes of a Paul Newman Daytona.
This vintage fake Rolex President 1803 is the perfect starting point for any beginner. Also known as the DayDate, this classic dress watch should be a must-have for any collection. But what we love about this 1803 is its “pie plate” dial. The unique look makes this watch a great addition to your collection as it is an ironic staple that is sure to add value to your watch box.
We also love the watch’s 36mm yellow gold case and serrated bezel, which stands out against the dark face. We have to say that this combination makes this watch look like it was made in the 1970s. It has an inherently vintage feel to it, and we love the brown strap that wraps around the lugs. As a presidential watch, this watch also features an automatic movement with day and date functions (of course), and even has a waterproof screw-down crown.

This watch is made entirely of 14k yellow gold – from the case to the fluted bezel to the delicate Jubilee bracelet and secure Fliplock clasp. We love that this watch also features a champagne dial, adding to the indulgent look this classic watch is designed to convey. We can’t ignore the 1570 automatic movement inside, which swings those luminous hands and flips the date at 3 o’clock. In the end, the great thing about this watch is that you’ll want to wear it and enjoy it all the time – and the waterproof, wearable Date lets you do just that.
You don’t have to start your collection with timeless classics. You can also easily invest in innovative timepieces. What we love about this GMT-Master 16753 is that this watch is as cool and functional today as it was when it was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Equipped with an automatic movement made for pilots in partnership with Panamax, this Replica Rolex watch keeps two time zones and military time. The oyster shell also means it can withstand high altitudes and deep seas.
The 5513 was produced from 1966 to the 1980s, and the earliest dials were first equipped with gauge markers. It wasn’t until 1970 that they started writing the feet first, as they did on this one, showing how early and special this watch was. Other than that, the case and dial are in excellent condition, with the markers and matching cream-colored hands intact, which have aged beautifully over the years. It’s also important to note the fat front bezel, which has faded to this wonderful grey and may one day completely disappear and become a ghost – it’s sure to add to your value.

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